Card Table

I built an octagonal card table for playing games with my friends and family.

I started by designing the playing surface using SolidWorks, determining the angles and dimensions for the cuts I needed to make.

Card table top in SolidWorks

I built the top and found an oak kitchen table with a centre pedestal that I stripped and restained.  The old kitchen table top supplied much of the material for the various jigs that were used to hold the octagon in place during fabrication.  The total material cost was approximately $300.

Finished product with Ticket to Ride, Blue Buck, Star Trek, and Spaceballs

It’s been so nice to play games around a purpose-built table, instead of using the kitchen table to play and having to move to let people get into the fridge/stove/etc.  I’m quite happy with how it turned out, and our guests have been as well.

We’ll have to have you over for cards some time soon!


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