Programming with Python

So I’ve been learning some VBA, but it seems like Python is the popular method for getting your computer to do stuff, so I started looking into that too.

Here’s a couple examples that you can download and try out.  You’ll need Python 3 installed (get it here: to let it do its magic.


Lottery Numbers:  Give the program 6 numbers, and it’ll tell you how much money you’ll need to spend to win the jackpot (and how many years of twice weekly playing you’ll need to get it).  Download here.

Lottery Frequency:  Give the program the number of years, and it’ll tell you how often each number got picked, and what the top 6 numbers are.  Outputs a .csv file.  Download here.

Church Bulletin: I won’t attach the file here, but I’ve been putting the bulletins together for the churches back home for the last few months. Python has made it easy to grab a list of hymns and scripture readings that are in an excel file, and populate a word document template, which minimizes the chances of entering a wrong date or incorrect words (there were actually a couple times doing the bulletins manually I messed up the dates, or got the hymn number right but the words wrong, which caused much wailing and gnashing of teeth).